System and Software Development


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Types of Systems include:

Information System Description
Executive Support Systems “ESS” is designed to help senior management make strategic decisions. It gathers, analyses and summarizes the key internal and external information used in the business.

ESS typically involve lots of data analysis and modelling tools such as “what-if” analysis to help strategic decision-making.

Management Information Systems “MIS” is mainly concerned with internal sources of information. MIS usually take data from the transaction processing systems and summarise it into a series of management reports.

MIS reports tend to be used by middle management and operational supervisors.

Decision-Support Systems “DSS” are specifically designed to help management make decisions in situations where there is uncertainty about the possible outcomes of those decisions. DSS comprise tools and techniques to help gather relevant information and analyze the options and alternatives. DSS often involves use of complex spreadsheet and databases to create “what-if” models.
Knowledge Management Systems “KMS” exist to help businesses create and share information. These are typically used in a business where employees create new knowledge and expertise – which can then be shared by other people in the organization to create further commercial opportunities.

KMS are built around systems which allow efficient categorization and distribution of knowledge.

Transaction Processing Systems “TPS” are designed to process routine transactions efficiently and accurately. A business can have several TPS; for example:

– Billing systems to send invoices to customers – Systems to calculate the weekly and monthly payroll and tax payments – Production and purchasing systems to calculate raw material requirements – Stock control systems to process all movements into, within and out of the business

Office Automation Systems These are systems that try to improve the productivity of employees who need to process data and information as they  allow employees to work from home or whilst on the move.